Our commitment is to both quality and sustainability by means of efficient contract filling

We at Titab Pac are constantly looking for ways to improve our business. As a result, we follow a number of principles to ensure the highest quality with reduced environmental impact.

Quality policy

  • We aim to be perceived as a supplier of high quality, reliable delivery and competence.

  • We strive to meet the customers’ expectations of quality throughout the process.

  • We aim to make zero mistakes.

  • Products will be delivered on time.

Environmental policy

  • We will actively work towards following all industry laws and requirements.

  • We aim to educate our customers about environmentally friendly alternatives.

  • We are in accordance to the law registered members of REPA, and are therefore obligated to inform our customers about suitable recycling methods.

  • We aim to ensure that, within our business, recycling of used packaging is handled properly.

  • We aim to, in collaboration with our suppliers, actively seek packaging alternatives which contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Environmental certification

We are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which prove that the company is dedicated to systematically improve quality and exceed our customers’ expectations while also complying with concrete environmental requirements.