One of Scandinavia’s biggest contract fillers with a focus on efficient production and competitive prices.

We are one of Scandinavia’s biggest contract fillers specialized in liquid chemicals and catering to both consumer and industrial needs.

Our filling and packaging services are highly automated thanks to advanced equipment and machinery, which means we can offer you an efficient and highly affordable process without having to compromise on high quality and flexibility.

Our modern facilities are ready to meet the demands of both small and large operations. Titab Pac can currently offer filling and packaging of pouches, bottles, barrels and containers of liquids holding from 50 milliliters up to a thousand liters.

In addition, we are an eco-certified business that constantly strives to improve our environmental and quality processes and operations. We would be happy to show you the latest green alternatives for contract filling.

Contract filling

As a highly qualified business with many years of experience with contract filling of liquid chemicals, we can guarantee a reliable performance throughout the process.


Eco-friendly standing pouch

Titab Pac is pleased to offer you the new, most environmentally friendly and inexpensive standing pouch for your liquid chemicals.